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Healing the motherline to transform your life

I have been doing alot of meditations and reflecting around this concept of healing the motherline. I was not aware of any ancestral healing work available to me while I was pregnant but now that I know about it. I am ALL about it!

I am a mom of 4 daughters and I am obsessed with my own healing so not to unconsciously pass any unhealed traumas to my daughters and their children. We live in a Patriarchal society still and although women are becoming more vocal about their creative power, the flow of the divine feminine is still suppressed. I also am an advocate for possessing the divine feminine energy we were all gifted with and letting that power shine through every facet of our lives. The suppression of that energy over generations past has led to many emotional disruptions and physical ailments we live with today.

We carry with us in our cells unhealed trauma from generations past. Our mothers pass genetic information to us as well as energy blueprints that affect how we show up in the world and sometimes what conditions and diseases we are experiencing. The powerhouse of the cell is called the mitochondria. If you remember anything from bio class, this organelle provides the lion share of energy for cellular function. This cell is directly inherited from our mother almost exclusively. If there is an imbalance in this function due to trauma or stagnated energy our cells will lack the necessary power and energy to carry out many of the body's functions especially when it comes to regulating immune function.

If you are curious about how to determine if healing the motherline can help you heal, Join me LIVE Thursday 8/11 on The Conscious Living circle as we discuss how to use energy medicine, supplements, herbs and targeted self-care rituals to help you heal your mother-line for yourself and the next generation.

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