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Harmony in Autumn: Balancing Growth and Rest in Your Everyday Life

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The way in which Nature ebbs and flows effortlessly is an inspiration and I am in awe, truly,because that feels far from how I operate on some days. What I do know is that Life is going to do Life and If I want to experience more peace I need to get on board and get in line.

Fall brings its own unique blend of opportunities and challenges. Nature does a real good job at transitioning from spring's growth to winter's rest, so we can learn to do that too! We can learn to

balance the ideas of growth and rest in our everyday lives. Finding harmony in this ebb and flow can be the key to achieving sustainable success and inner calm. So what can Autumn teach us? How can we open our lives to this season?

Autumn serves as a reminder that change is inevitable. As the leaves fall, let go of what no longer serves you. Reflect on your experiences and learn from them. It's a time to declutter your life, both physically and mentally, to prepare for the restful season ahead.

Here are a few areas in my day to day, where I really honor this time of letting go.

1. Are there any food habits you've picked up that you want to let go of? During the summer our eating is a bit more "junky" because we are traveling and it is more challenging to keep to a schedule. The kids are more active so their appetites seem insatiable with the long hot summer days of Georgia. But as we transition to fall, we settle into more of a routine and our foods get more wholesome, warm and delicious. We lean in to the soups, stews, slow-cooked and crusty breads. Yum.

2. Is it time to cool down your social calendar? Maybe the ripping and running out here in these streets is starting to wear you down. Well think of this season as an opportune time to rethink what commitments you want to hold on to. It's never too late to prioritize you physical, mental and emotional well being of you and your family.

3. Take a look at your closet? For me, getting the girls Fall clothes out is my chance to toss out old, tattered, and "too small" clothes. This used to be such a chore. Actually, it still is BUT, I have been able to spark some joy thanks to the inspiration of the Netflix show "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" We now sit in gratitude as we offer thanks to our clothes for the protection and creative vibe they offered us but now it's time to willingly release them whether it be for a season or for another person to enjoy. When our drawers and closets

are clearer, more organized and full of intentional clothes that we enjoy the calm that comes to our mind and hearts is everything. Cheers to enjoying the season.

If you are needing some inspiration and help with finding out areas you need to release for better mental, emotional and physical well-being. Book a Free session today

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