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Nurturing Self-Care Amidst Triggers: Healing Perfectionism with Kindness

As a holistic healer, I often emphasize the importance of kindness not only towards others but also towards yourself. Yet, in moments of turmoil or when triggered, practicing self-compassion can feel like an insurmountable task. However, it is precisely during these challenging times that extending kindness towards ourselves becomes most crucial. Let's explore how we can foster self-care through kindness, even amidst our triggers.

Understanding Kindness as Compassionate Posture

Kindness is not merely a superficial act of niceness; it's a posture of compassion that begins with how we treat ourselves, especially in moments of distress. When triggered, our inner critic or inner parent may surface, inundating us with self-critical thoughts or chastising us for our perceived shortcomings. Instead of forcing our feelings into a box or plowing through with sheer willpower, let's explore three gentle ways to nurture kindness for self-care:

1. Create Space for Your Inner Child: Just as a compassionate parent holds space for a tantruming child, we can find a place within ourselves to allow our inner child to express its emotions freely. This might involve finding a quiet corner to sit and simply breathe, acknowledging and validating our feelings without judgment. Sometimes, being kind is as simple as offering ourselves a safe space to unravel and be heard.

2. Soothe Your Inner Kiddo: Instead of wagging a metaphorical finger at ourselves when we falter, let's practice soothing our inner kiddo with love and tenderness. Rather than berating ourselves for our perceived failures, we can offer ourselves a literal hug, rocking back and forth, communicating unconditional love and kindness even in moments when we feel undeserving. Remember, kindness begins with how we treat ourselves.

3. Try Tapping for Emotional Release: Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a potent method for acknowledging and releasing emotional distress. Engage with the principles of EFT by gently tapping on each cheekbone, chin, and collarbone with your middle finger while repeating a positive affirmation like "Although I feel disappointment, I am loved just as I am." After a few repetitions, focus solely on the affirmation "I am loved just as I am" for additional tapping sequences. This practice allows us to acknowledge our feelings, be present in our bodies, and affirm our worthiness with kindness and compassion.

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In the midst of life's triggers and challenges, remember that kindness is not a luxury; it's a vital aspect of self-care and healing. Embrace the practice of self-compassion, and watch as it transforms your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

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