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Get Inspired through Creative Micro Moments

Are you tired of the humdrum day to day grind. It's time to shake things up but sometimes we are so far gone we don't even know where to start. Start with NOW!

The mental energy of planning, prioritizing and thinking is useful in setting up but It is your experience of the present moment that gets you in the flow. It is actually getting involved with the present moment. It is actually doing it. So, in the spirit of the flow of creative energy, move! If you like to write. Write! set a timer and for 2 minutes write and love each moment. You don't have to think about the time because you have set your timer. Just write and let the creative energy flow. You like to dance or feel good when you move. Then move. Set a timer for 3 minutes and dance like no one is watching or dance like everyone is, whatever feels good. Don't hold back. Allowing the creative energy flow is how you reset, remove the brain fog and connect with life. You like to sing? BELT. IT. OUT! Set your timer and sing your favorite chorus. Don't worry about how you sound. The outcome isn't the goal. It is the experience of doing it that is healing and restorative. There is a creative YOU, no matter what you have been told or how you felt about your ability to be "creative." Your very nature is CREATIVE. So do it. Try it. Move it. Sing it. Say it. Flaunt it.

Find your micro moment today and connect with the creative being you are. It is with all the love of the universe, I send you this message. Connecting with this energy will have a ripple effect in your day and your life. This moment is all we truly have so choose how you want to occupy it.

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