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3 Tips for staying Grounded through the Holidays

This time of year brings up a lot of emotions for a lot of people. Some good, Some bad, some tied to memories and sometimes it may even come across as a low mood for no obvious reason. Having practices in place to process our emotions, fertilize our roots and maintain our connections for ourselves and our children is paramount as we navigate through life. Here are 3 Tips I have found very beneficial as we approach this time of year that can be sometimes fraught with tension and stress.

  1. Remind yourself and your kids that they are spiritual beings having a human experience. Setting aside time away from the hustle and bustle to connect with your soul is exactly what is needed to keep perspective and stay grounded. Keeping an awareness that we are both of this earth and not, is helpful in seeing and experiencing life holistically. Never really getting pulled totally in the drama of day to day living.

  2. Keep your heart open. Keeping your heart open helps you stay connected and tethered to the best parts of this human experience. Human connection can be experienced as magical and stirring. When your heart is open, non judgemental, compassionate and curious. Life opens up to you in a way that feels familiar and right even if there are parts of the puzzle that are are yet known.

  3. Explore your cultural/familial heritage. The holidays are an excellent time to connect with familial ties. Break the ice with your relatives and listen as they tell stories of the past. You belong. You are a part of a vast network. There is knowledge and lessons to be learned from experiences of the past. Tales of woe but also of survival and triumph. All of it can be used to help you zoom out of your own individual life and own individual problems to gain a larger view of the portrait. You are not alone. You are the descendants of ancestors that walked this Earth and left a legacy in you to wield for your benefit.

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