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The spirituality cure: 3 steps to practically connect for a sense of well-being

"Mommy, I don't think I'm Christian." This is what came from my daughter one night when I went to tuck her into bed. She had been very concerned about some of the recent topics at church that seemed different then her personal experience of her spirituality. For her, God is everywhere and everyone, even a child who keeps her company on her loneliest nights, so when dogma or tradition seemed to minimize that lived experience she had of being comforted and cared for by "her" God it didn't sit well. My answer...Let's talk. Let's talk about how it is ok to be curious and question. Let me remind you its ok to feel something is right for you and know something may not be right for you. Let's sit and appreciate what it is we do know which is how well supported you feel in community with your small group. Let's lean into the shared experience of doing life with peers who often have the same questions, curiosities and passion as you.

That evening I reminded her and myself of the relief that comes from being heard, accepted and trusted with what feels right for you. Being accepted and validated for your internal world is medicine. So many of us have been cut off from our own inner intuition and feel it hard to even know what's right for us due to the constant outside influences that have now become our inner voice. So how do you connect again. How do prioritize and honor your intuition again. How can spirituality cure you?

  1. Quiet the mind by connecting with nature. In stillness and silence you become acquainted with the "higher mind." The energy that governs the cosmos. Going for a hike or a walking trail or even sitting out in your backyard can be healing and allow space for fresh perspectives and a renewed sense of vitality.

  2. Love fiercely. Do you love yourself unconditionally or do you find your inner voice a critic who finds you unacceptable. When you find your way to loving yourself unconditionally, the outpouring of that love becomes tangible in the lives of those around you. There is no greater way to connect to your spirituality than to Love yourself and others. It's truly divine.

  3. Remind yourself you are an integral piece of the interconnected design of life. We are all connected so finding ways to be generous, honoring life here on our planet and becoming of service to others. There is no greater way to connect with the spiritual being you are and feel whole again.

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