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Embrace a Simpler Summer: Do Less and Be More

As a holistic healer and mom of four, I understand the pressure we often feel to make the most of summer by filling our schedules to the brim. But what if we chose to do less and be more this summer? Let’s take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather by enjoying the outdoors and putting down our multiple hats and multitasking tendencies. Often, we feel we never have enough time for ourselves because we overschedule and overcommit. This summer, let's build in spaciousness and quiet time to just be. Here are a few practices that can help you find more time for rest and rejuvenation in your summer schedule

1. Incorporate a Sabbath Day

A Sabbath day is a dedicated day of rest where you don't commit to any outside engagements or work. Instead, you focus on activities that relax and rejuvenate you, such as reading, playing board games, napping, or engaging with hobbies.

How to Do It:

- Set Boundaries: Choose a day of the week and inform your family that this will be a day of rest. Stick to it religiously.

- Unplug: Limit or avoid using electronic devices and social media to truly disconnect from external stresses.

-Engage in Joyful Activities: Spend the day doing things that bring you joy and relaxation, and encourage your kids to do the same.


- Immediate Relaxation: The commitment to a Sabbath yields immediate benefits, such as reduced stress and increased relaxation.

- Role Modeling: It sets a tangible example for your kids to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being through unplugging and connecting to their inner selves.

2. Try a Pool Day Just for You

As a mom, pool days with the kids can feel like more work than relaxation. Why not take some time to go to the pool alone and surrender to the healing power of water?

How to Do It:

- Schedule Alone Time: Plan a specific time when you can visit the pool by yourself.

- Bring Relaxation Aids: Take along a book, a comfortable float, or simply enjoy the water without distractions.


- Deep Relaxation: Time alone at the pool allows you to relax fully without the constant vigilance required when watching kids.

- Mental Clarity: The serene environment helps in clearing your mind and recharging your spirit.

3. Limit the Number of Commitments for the Kids

Consider whether your kids really need that extra summer session of club sports or evening acting classes. It may feel unsettling at first to give your kids more unstructured free time, especially if they are used to having every minute scheduled. However, this can lead to greater creativity and calm.

How to Do It:

- Evaluate Activities: Review your kids' summer schedule and determine which activities are essential and which can be skipped.

- Encourage Free Play: Allow your kids to experience unstructured time outdoors, fostering creativity and independence.


- Settling Minds: Initially, it might be tough, but kids' minds will settle, and they will start to enjoy the freedom.

- Creativity and Calm: Unstructured time encourages creativity and provides moments of pure calm.

This summer, choose to do less and be more. By incorporating a Sabbath day, enjoying alone time at the pool, and limiting commitments for your kids, you can create more space for rest and rejuvenation.

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Embrace a summer of simplicity and self-care – your body, mind, and family will thank you.

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