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A cure for the broken heart

I recently spoke to a friend who wasn't getting the results he wanted from his cardiac rehab program. He had recently had a heart attack and was taking his prescribed medications and doing what he was told but he mainly just wanted to feel like himself again and that wasn't the case yet.

I reassured him that it is traumatic to have a heart attack. Physically it takes a toll on your body but spiritually and emotionally it takes a toll as well. If you are not getting the results you want physically maybe look into what areas of your life were "shaken" up. Were you attached to a certain lifestyle that is no longer available? Were you the healthy vibrant person in the group and now all you feel like is the sickly pitiful one. What attachments need to be released in order to heal your heart? Take the opportunity to see beyond your physical body, beyond what you can do for people and how "productive" you can be and see YOU, pure consciousness living this human experience and connect with that part of you.

What concepts and belief systems about who you think you are might be holding you back? What relationships do you need to release or past hurts do you need to let go? Who do you need to forgive or intentionally open your heart to in order to heal?

Oftentimes we forget to tend to our heart. We think building walls around it or putting all of our energy into rational thinking will protect us from a broken heart. It won't, but tearing down the walls brick by brick and bringing some energy from the thinking mind to the heart with compassion and grace for yourself will surely heal it.

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