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Day Three: mini mindfulness retreat @Home

I just want to feel beautiful

What makes you feel beautiful? Of course when I have a fresh face and "slay all day" hair I feel pretty and I love to girlie it up a bit to really get that extra confidence boost from time to time. But what makes me feel beautiful is a bit different. When I pour into my creativity and nourish my talents, I feel absolutely beautiful. Like a plant whose season it is to flower, so does my glory radiate when creativity is in action. I feel like my artistic ability is my flair to show the world. I am a firm believer in our passions  being a gateway to that  state of being where the cares of this world seem to get muted or completely dissolve and we find ourselves in a space of serenity and calm. 

I am fortunate in that I know a few of my creative flows. I love to sing, so of course music and vibing to new tracks and submerging myself in familiar tunes is a way I bathe myself in my creativity. I also love home design and enjoy adding new or "new to me" pieces to change up a room ever so slightly to give it an alternate mood. When I’m arranging and rearranging pieces in a room. I'm completely “there” my mind doesn’t wander much and therefore can't get into trouble worrying because I'm fully present with the creative process. What is your creative zone? What is that thing you used to spend all your time doing or daydreaming about when you were a kid and life seemed so simple. You may have had challenges as a kid but time seemed like it was on your side and the time to throw yourself wholeheartedly into your passions seemed like just the thing you were supposed to be doing.  So get back to it. Get at it. Rediscover and make space for that child-like creative energy. It is an exercise in meditation.

So I sang today like no one was watching. Loud and proud. I danced and popped that booty. I flipped the hair and listened to my own voice and became aware of the various melodic tones emanating from my own body. The vibrations, the echoes, the muscles working in my vocal chords to produce various sounds all together in concert. Literal energy that is transferred, and absorbed by what is nearby. There was no place for worry and anxiety to go. My mind was completely preoccupied with the act of singing and dancing. How wonderfully intriguing is the act of singing and dancing.

After about an hour of going through a couple of my favorite songs in my “get up” playlist. I took a nap. My plan was to do a “mindful walk” in nature but I listened to my body in that moment and it said “rest”. So I did. That nap was so restorative and reinforced my thoughts around making sure I prioritize sleep. Sleep was my self-care act for today and belting out songs like Demi Lovato and DJ Khalid’s “I believe” was how I felt absolutely beautiful.  

Day three schedule:

9:00-9:30 Breathwork meditation

9:30-10 Yoga

10:00-10:30 Singing and booty shaking

10:30-until I wok up Nap

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