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Renew Your Energy This Summer: Embrace the Healing Power of Singing

As a holistic healer and mom, I know firsthand how the demands of motherhood can seem like an endless energy drain. The constant juggling of tasks and responsibilities can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. This summer, I encourage you to take a respite from the heat and rejuvenate your spirit through the simple, joyful act of singing. Not only does singing create a lighter mood, but it also offers numerous health and healing benefits. Here are three fun ways to incorporate singing into your routine to renew your energy and enhance your well-being.

1. Jam with Karaoke

Karaoke is a fantastic way to lift your spirits and have some fun. You don't need a fancy setup to enjoy it—there are plenty of apps and low-cost microphones with built-in speakers that can get you started. If you want to add a touch of nostalgia, go old school and use a hairbrush as your mic.

How to Do It:

Download a Karaoke App: Apps like Smule or Yokee provide a vast library of songs and an interactive platform to share your performances.

Get a Karaoke Mic: Affordable microphones with built-in speakers can enhance your experience and make you feel like a star.

Use a Hairbrush: For a nostalgic touch, grab a hairbrush and sing your heart out like you did when you were a kid.


Boosts Mood: Singing releases endorphins, the brain’s "feel-good" chemicals, which help improve mood and reduce stress.

Enhances Breathing: Singing involves deep breathing, which can improve lung function and oxygenate your body.

Social Connection: Karaoke can be a fun activity to do with friends and family, fostering connection and laughter.

2. Enjoy Sing-Alongs

Disney and many other movies have released sing-along versions that are perfect for collective family fun. These sing-alongs can raise your energy levels and invigorate you. Singing together creates a sense of unity and joy, and it's a judgment-free zone where everyone can participate.

How to Do It:

Watch Sing-Along Movies: Pick your favorite Disney sing-along movie and gather the family for a fun-filled evening. Host a Sing-Along Party: Invite friends and family over for a sing-along party. Provide lyrics and let everyone join in the fun.


Enhances Bonding: Singing together strengthens bonds and creates shared, joyful experiences.

Raises Energy Levels: Collective singing can invigorate and uplift everyone involved.

Stress Relief: The act of singing and moving to the music helps release tension and promote relaxation.

3. Belt It Out in the Shower

After a long, hot day, cool off in the shower and belt out your favorite tunes. The sound vibrations bouncing off the shower walls create a slight echo, making your voice sound more resonant and soothing to your nervous system.

How to Do It:

Choose Your Favorite Songs: Pick songs that make you feel happy and relaxed.

Sing Loud and Proud: Let go of any inhibitions and sing as loudly as you like. The acoustics in the shower can enhance your voice and make the experience more enjoyable.


Resonance and Relaxation: The echo in the shower can make your voice sound fuller and more resonant, which is soothing to the nervous system.

Emotional Release: Singing loudly can help release pent-up emotions and provide a sense of catharsis.

Physical Benefits: Singing in the shower involves deep breathing and can help improve respiratory function and overall relaxation.

This summer, take time to renew your energy and create a lighter mood through the simple, joyful act of singing. Whether it’s through karaoke, sing-alongs, or belting it out in the shower, singing can provide a powerful respite from the demands of motherhood.

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Let this summer be a time of renewal and joy. Embrace the healing power of singing and discover the transformative benefits it can bring to your life and well-being.

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