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Mindful dinner experiment

I started this week with a definite agenda, a road map of sorts where I knew what items I wanted to hit up with regards to my mindfulness routine. I had fallen off doing mindfulness practices with the girls so doing something with them was a must. I wanted to extend my daily routine from 3 min to 5 min and I wanted to begin practicing some more complex yoga poses. In other words I was doing "the most"

Monday night at dinner time I decided to incorporate "mindful eating" into our dinner time so that I could kill two birds with one stone. family dinner and mindfulness with the fam. That should work, right? The girls usually loved talking about food and wanti. No one was taking it seriously. They were obviously too excited about the upcoming halloween festivities and no one wanted to carefully look and examine the crevices and lines in each morsel of meat in their portion of beef stew and then place in their mouth and experience slowly and intentionally each bite. The kids are usually down for for my mindfulness exercises but today I was met with some unexpected resistance. I was so exasperated because I really needed the quiet and was super frustrated I didn't have the support of Dad for this one. He seemed all too eager to let the kiddos ramble on about all random facts of the day and I was at my limit for chatter for the day unfortunately. In all I think I got 2 minutes of people describing there food, and then placing it in their mouth and chewing it for a really long time. That was it. That was our meditation for the evening and though I still believe in the collection of small micro habits to collectively impact and change how the girls see themselves and how they relate to the world around them.

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