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Intro to 3-Day mini Mindfulness retreat @Home

Mindfulness is a simple, useful tool to help tame the mind chatter and create space in your mind and subsequently your life. If you have ever found it hard to go to sleep at night because you are in this cycle of thinking of what has to be done tomorrow, then you know the feeling of restlessness that come from incessant thinking. That same feeling plagues many of us throughout the day, so having a mindfulness practice can be very helpful in settling the mind down to experience that peace so many of us are looking for. I for one have had enough. Parenting through COVID has officially worn me all the way down. Work has been absolutely exhausting. School is starting back up for the kids and I find myself in this perpetual mind activity of planning and making decisions. I need a break and what is needed is not a veg out session binging on Netflix and chillin with some ice cream. I might do that later. No, what I need more importantly is to find some nourishment for my soul. I feel depleted and I need to connect to my true essence. So I decided to take some time off and dedicate some time to do just that. Over the next three days I will dedicate two hours to do specific mindfulness activities that correspond to the themes of the day. I will then bring those themes in as I go about my normal Mommy and Wifey duties. Bringing that spirit and energy of the theme to everyday tasks is a form of bring pleasure and peace to everyday work that still needs to get done, even though I am "technically off." Every mom knows there are no true off days. I will end my day with reflections and breathing exercises to center myself and prepare myself for sleep. I'll post the details of my daily mindfulness exercises and reflections at the end of each day. You are invited to come along on this journey and engage in any aspect you feel speaks to you. Feel free to comment and post any insights you may have so we can learn and encourage each other. Sending much love your way as you embark on the week ahead no matter what challenges await, now that wisdom is available to help you on your journey.

Love and light friends,


Day one: I just want to feel strong!

Themes and activities: Mindful movement, body scan meditations,and affirmations

Day two: I just want to be wise!

Themes and activities: Mind pages, Compassion circle meditation, Mindful readings

Day three: I just want to feel beautiful!

Themes and activities: Creative space, Time in nature/Mindful walk, Self-care

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