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A meditation with your Girl Tribe

Compassion circle meditation strength and love

Oftentimes we feel alone when we are worn down and exhausted. Sometimes frustrations and anxiety lead us away from the truth which is that we all have power and strength available to us whenever we need it. I had been experiencing a general increase in fear and anxiety around raising kids in this current world we live in. There has been so much turmoil constantly being highlighted in the media, I felt like I could barely tackle one thing before another issue made its way to the headlines. It was over-load. I didn’t feel like I was getting this mother thing right and it didn’t help that every older person I came in contact with kept pointing out that “they were glad there kids were grown and they didn’t have to deal with what we are dealing with today” When I was feeling particularly beat down one day a couple months ago I revisited a meditation published in Mindful magazine called “a meditation for opening the heart.” I basically used this guided imagery as a foundation for me to build and create a meditative space for me to glean energy from women and mothers, past and present, real and fictionalized that inspire me. I thought about how they garnered strength and raised children who left a legacy of greatness in spite of some of the most difficult times in human history. So let’s come together with open hearts and lean into that powerful feminine energy.

1. You are in the presence of greatness: Start by sitting in an upright but comfortable position. Take a breath in to bring in restorative energy and as you exhale your body smiles. Let’s do it again, deep breath in to relax your mind and body and exhale, imagine your body smiles with gratitude and a gentle awareness. Imagine you are in the presence of some of the most inspiring women who have influenced who you are. These may be personal, historical or fictionalized women. What matters is that these beings have had a profound impact on you in some way and they are gathered together in this moment to support you.

2. Prepare to receive the love: Imagine yourself in the center of a circle formed by these beings and they are sending Love and compassion right to you. All the strength and wisdom they have they are sending that same energy to you. With openness and curiosity, not trying to figure anything out you may want to say phrases such as May I be safe, May I be wise, May I be peaceful, May I be joyful. Whatever big phrases speak to you begin to repeat those phrases and think of them as “home base” in order to bring you back during distractions.

3. Take Notice: If there are any physical or emotional reactions that show up as the recipient of this energy. You may feel pride or shy. You may feel nauseous or cry. Whatever the feeling or emotion let is rise and fall. There is no need for your mind to figure it out. Just let them be. Let them come and let it go. Just as a wave let it wash right over you. You can always come back home: and receive the wellness and wholeness that is available to you. May I be safe, May I be wise, May I be peaceful, May I be Joyful.

4. Sit with openness and a receiving posture. You may want to have palms up if that feels right for you. Imagine that you are porous, able to absorb the abundance of positive energy directed toward you, right through your own being. There is no separation between that positivity and your own energy. This positive energy is you. Not because of who you know or what you’ve done or didn’t do. Just because you exist; love, grace and compassion is available to you. For the next minute with each in breath and out breath, imagine you are growing in the energy and glowing in abundant positivity. If you get distracted remember to use your phrases to help bring your attention back home.

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