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8 weeks to a Mindful life

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

So I have decided to follow along with this book to learn the basic types of meditation that will really be the foundation of my new life as a "meditator." I chose this book because I like how it is broken down into 8 week manageable chunks and as many of us know anything that helps with pacing a new lifestyle change is going to help with sustainability. I also like that I have decided to give myself permission up front to go at this for as long as it takes at whatever pace. Consistency is the "win" in my book so for instance I have already repeated week 1 because I didn't do the week 1 practices as often as I'd like and I wasn't quite ready to move on to week 2. I was just starting to bond with week 1. Get to know the ins and outs of our relationship. I was just not ready to say good-bye.

Week by week I will be sharing challenges and victories I have encountered as I build a mindful practice that I hope will be an integral part of our family life. Self-Care is an essential skill that I didn't prioritize as much as I should have in the past. Now being a mom of 4 daughters, wife to a very "driven" husband and having a very demanding career, I have got to make sure I am continually and practically pouring into my own bucket in order to be a kind mom, loving wife and excellent nurse...on most days.

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