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3 Steps to Help you "Let It Go" even when it Feels Impossible

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions one minute you are riding high and the next you get caught up in an emotional whirlwind. You are huffing and puffing, and if you were an animation you have turned cherry red and steam has come out of your ears. You have sufficiently experienced the anger and have accepted you are angry. Now What? (acceptance of negative emotions will definately be addressed in another post, it's that important!). You should just let it go, right? That phrase "you should just let it go" can be infuriating when you are in the thick of an emotional upset. First of all any one who tells you what you should and shouldn't do is often time invoking low energy of guilt and shame and not even realizing it. So you can imagine you probably would feel that low energy vibe of frustration and helplessness because when you hear "let it go"it sometimes evokes feelings of absolving folks of responsibility and that's just not true.

Letting go is all for you. Other people will eventually become the beneficiary of your high vibration state as you begin to let go more and more in your life but the primary beneficiary is YOU. But exactly how do we let it go, you may wonder? Maybe if I could just sing like Elsa from the disney movie "Frozen" a song of empowerment and transformation I would be free of what sometimes feels like the burden of this emotional entanglement. I know it can feel impossible to let go of some things and I think for some using other words like release or forgive may be a more palatable term. As long as one remembers it is an ongoing thing in most cases so realizing you are "releas-ing" or "forgiv-ing" helps you become aware of a process. This process then gives rise to space for the power of compassion and grace to help you heal. Let's be honest it is a journey and sometimes you have to release things little by little before you realize you have completely let go of a thing. So be encouraged. Letting go can feel hard, but you can do hard things and the momentum that comes with releasing alters every subsequent encounter with that emotional trigger. So here are the steps to gaining the freedom you deserve.

Step 1: Feel the emotion. We so often reject our emotions, suppress them and repress them. So how do you feel an emotion? Instead of trying to rationalize with yourself or distract yourself you give your full attention to the moment and whatever emotion is there you bring your attention to that entangled ball of energy and look at it. See if you can feel the edges of it. How does it show up in your body. Where do you feel it most? Don't judge it, Just be with it.

Step 2: Let it go on........ It may feel like the pain of just sitting with an unpleasant emotion will be unbearable but the truth is, It is just energy and energy wants to move. It is us who keeps it stuck. Bringing your full awareness to it starts to diffuse the energy and you may start to feel it dissolving. Stick with it and Sit with it until it burns away. It will not last long.

Step 3: Be in the moment. Fear and a bunch of other emotions may come back to you once you have let go. That does not mean you have not let it go. It means that you have a program around that emotion that wants to run like it always did. It is with your attention, awareness and compassion that reprograms these conditioned reactions. Depending on the nature of the emotional trigger and how long you have been operating in that way, you will likely need to repeat steps 1-3 as often as necessary and that is OK. This is what Letting go looks like.

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