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Holistic Wellness Retreat

Nurture Your Heart Retreat

Take your moment and get away with me!

Hi Friend,

What if you could get away and sleep undisturbed?

What if you didn't have to plan not one meal, just show up at the dinner table to eat in peace?

What if you could connect with nature, Rest, Rejuvenate and find yourself again?

Would you take your Moment and nurture yourself?

Come join me for a weekend to remember! 

Program Components:


Delicious homemade meals and all-natural snacks

small group.png

Group sessions on various Wellness and lifestyle topics


Personalized 1 on 1 Wellness session to clarify wellness goals


Built-in "Free" time  to just BE


Yoga  Flow and Restorative practices for every fitness level


Guided Meditations for self-discovery and renewal

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