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Virtual Wellness Retreat Registration

The Nurture Cure

Free Virtual Holistic Wellness Retreat
January 20-January 21
12pm-1pm EST

Are you ready to heal and reclaim your wellness?
Join me as we unlock the keys to get you the health you deserve!

2-day free Virtual Holistic Wellness retreat

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Meditate together and engage with other inspiring women


 learn and incorporate accessible holistic healing techniques into your everyday life


learn ways to use your intuitive wisdom to self assess and advocate for your health

Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Register here and I'll save you a seat...

Thank you, please check your email for a confirmation

What Our Clients Say

“I wasn’t super successful in trying to incorporate mediation in my everyday experiences. It wasn’t until I joined Samantha's program that I really understood and put simple practices to work to mindfully control my day’s emotions and challenges. Learning how to body scan, focus on real time moments with gratitude and acceptance, and seriously take control of my thoughts, emotions/feelings has been the best teaching that’s truly priceless. Samantha’s transparency and practical steps inspired me to dig deeper into “finding myself” and take control of my life, and in any moment I find I can't,  being okay with that too.”


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