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Mindful Chocolate Meditation

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

One of my first experiences with mindfulness was a mindful eating exercise. Being mindful while eating has been an entry point for me to have a built-in, dedicated time and space to practice mindfulness even when I feel I have no time. You gotta eat right? So take some time for yourself. Get a piece of your favorite chocolate, serve it to yourself on your favorite dish and let's get ready to pause the mind chatter and connect with our senses.

  1. First take a seat. In an upright but comfortable posture observe your breathing. If it feels comfortable lower your eyes and release any tension from your face. From your eyes down to your nose, your cheeks and then finally relax at your mouth. Feel your inhale and exhale. Without trying to change a thing feel your chest rise on the inhlale and fall away on the exhale.

  2. Now open your eyes. See how the light hits different aspects of the chocolate. Notice any inconsistencies and textures. Without trying to figure anything out, observe and discover the wonders of chocolate. Be curious and open as if you've never seen anything like it.

  3. Next pick up the chocolate and feel the texture on your fingers. Is it warm or cool. melty or rock solid. Is there a tenderness there? Bring the piece up to your nose and smell any aromas that may be present. Are there any subtle hints of the flavor you may be about to experience.

  4. Now take a bite. Roll it around in your mouth to expose each surface to the flavor. As it melts feel the transformation of solid to liquid and what flavors emerge. Chew and discover any other textures that my have been hidden. After you have thoroughly experienced the mouth feel of the chocolate, let it glide down your throat and then you swallow.

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